Bookham Rifle Club was founded as the Bookham Home Guard Rifle Club in 1943, shooting in a range on the Grove Estate in Great Bookham. The Club soon outgrew this facility and moved to its current site at Thorncroft Drive in the early 1950s.

The Club is built in the old walled garden of Thorncroft Manor at the southern edge of Leatherhead and is in a beautifully rural setting. All the ranges are laid to lawn with all weather covered firing points.

There are five ranges offering a choice of Match Rifle, Lightweight Sporting Rifle, Air Rifle and Air Pistol. The Club also has an established Hunter Field Target section.

There are 17 firing points at 25 yards, 12 points at 50 metres, nine points at 100 yards together with six for field target air rifles with ranges up to 75 yards.

In 2006 we built our new Lottery funded air rifle/pistol range with ten firing points at 10 metres and two points at 20 metres.

A second prestigious ‘Awards for All Joint Lottery Grant’ in 2007 enabled the Club to replace the old sporting rifle facility with a brand new range of eight points at 20 yards.

In 2015, the Club received further funding from Sport England, Veolia and the Thomas Flack Fund to replace the dilapidated clubhouse and enclose the air range.

Numbered amongst its members the Club has several national and international standard marksmen including two Queens Prize winners and National Smallbore Champions as well as two competitors at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We regularly enter teams in County and National competitions.

The Lottery Funded Rifle Range…aboutrange