Bookham Rifle Club has a strict policy for handling your information. The information you provide to Bookham Rifle Club is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. Bookham Rifle Club will not disclose or distribute information to third parties without prior written consent by the individual.

However, the following exceptions apply:

The Home Office requires that all Rifle Clubs maintain a record of all those that shoot with the Club and the firearms used. This means that, following an initial assessment by Officers of the Club, details of applicants will be forwarded to Surrey Police for approval.

The applicant must then satisfactorily complete a probationary period determined by the Club, and not less than that prescribed by the Home Office, before full membership can be granted.

Bookham Rifle Club reserve the right to decline membership without explanation.

Anyone who, in the opinion of the Range Officer or other Club Official, behaves in an unsafe or an inappropriate manner will be required to immediately leave the range and such conduct may be reported to the National Smallbore Rifle Association and/or the Police

Club members’ names and competition scores may be held on computer by the Surrey Smallbore Rifle Association and by the National Smallbore Rifle Association and may be published on their relevant websites.

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